Hi-Tech   Laboratory

  • We have set up a world class laboratory that houses latest technological marvel, tools and tackles needed for tests before the product leaves our premises to the client's end.

  • Tests for textile products

    Our lab is equipped with the latest testing equipment for dyeing and printing including lab jigar, high temperature high pressure dyeing bath, equipment for pad dyeing, steamers, dryers, PH meter, Visco meter, etc.

    When our colors pass through stringent tests using these equipment, you can be assured that we will meet your exact requirements in terms of strength, shade & hue.

    We evaluate the color values using the latest spectrophotometer and in accordance with the buyers' requirement and deliver the goods only when the product passes the test and is within the tolerance limit. Also, owing to our strict quality control, we leave no scope for rejection or substandard quality products.

    Before we dispatch the products to our clients, our products are checked for basic fastness properties including light fastness, washing fastness, rubbing fastness and crock fastness.

    To make our products absolutely flawless, we have anti dusting equipment in place which ensures that the norms with regards to dusts are adhered to.

  • Tests for pigment powders & pigment dispersions

    Our lab is placed with some of the best testing equipments such as the Muller, Vibroshaker, Triple Roll Mill, Sand Mill and more, where the pigments are test checked for accuracy of various pigment applications such as printing ink, paint, plastic, rubber & even textile dyeing and printing.

  • Tests of intermediates & speciality chemicals

    Our lab houses advanced machines such as HPTLC, GC, etc, to test the quality of the intermediates. Not just that, in pursuance of our commitment to go green, we also conduct test to ensure that our products are free of traces of heavy metals. We are proud to say that most of our products are Azo free.