Production   Facilities

  • Equipped with the state of the art production facilities, VDCL is geared to cater to ever increasing and diversified needs of its vast customer base.

    We have 6 factories in all, spreading in close proximity to Mumbai. With the latest equipment such as the Glasslined Vessels,SS Reaction Vessel,Rotory Vaccum Dryer,Spinflash Dryer,Membrane Press,Spray Dryer,Dyno Mill and many more, we are ready to scale our operations to suit our client's demands at shortest notice.

  • Palghar

    Conveniently located at just 80kms from Mumbai, we have 3 factories at Palghar with facilities to manufacture products such as OrthoDianisidine(Di Hcl), OT Base,5COT(Red TR) ,Fast Bases, Vat Dyes & Pigment Intermediates.

    Latest technology, experienced personnel and skilled labor are trained to deliver the exact requirements of our clients within the stipulated time frame.


    At a stone's throw distance from Palghar and about 100kms north of Mumbai, is our another unit that specializes in manufacturing Pigment Powder and Pigment dispersions.

  • Ambernath

    Our facilities at Ambernath is equipped with innovative tools and skilled man power to produce the best Naphthols, Pigment powders, Pigment dispersions, Reactive dyes, Acid dyes & Direct dyes. Ambernath is just about 60 kms to the south of Mumbai and is well connected to Mumbai by rail and road routes.

  • Ahmednagar

    In this unit, We are producing Herbal Extracts, to be used as Dietary supplement. This is the latest Diversification of VDCL into Pharmaceutical Industry. Geographically, Ahmednagar lies 260kms to the south of Mumbai.

  • New Expansions

    Industrial land in Gujarat has already been acquired by us for future expansions into Dyes & Pharmaceutical Industry.