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Printing     Ink   Solution

  • Pigment Powder

    We at VDCL are very strongly expanding our business in organic pigments product range. We have invested huge amount of resources in making our pigments world class. Since we are producing Intermediates for Pigments, we are extremely strong in the manufacturing of Pigments with very stable quality and a competitive price for pigments for ink.

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  • Pigment Dispersions

    Pigment Dispersions are basically fine dispersions of Pigment in aqueous, dyes or universal system. At VDCL, We have Pigment Dispersions in aqueous system. All our pigment for ink are azo free, formaldehyde free, Apeo free. They are also having a fine particle size suitable for wax printing with very sensitive applications. Our Pigment Dispersions are as under solvent dyes.

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