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Textiles   Dyes

  • Reactive Dyes

    Reactive dyes are a class of highly coloured organic substances, primarily used for tinting textile dyes. VDCL offers a wide range of Reactive Dyes series, which are suitable to various dyeing & printing of cellulose fibre. Keeping in our mind the valuable necessities of our clients, we manufacture the characterized and standardize range of reactive dyes which are extreme in performance and perfect in resistance.

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  • Acid Dyes

    Suncid® dyes are water-soluble anionic textile dyes that are applied to fibers such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylic fibers using neutral to acid dye baths. Attachment to the fiber is attributed, at least partly, to salt formation between anionic groups in the textile dyes and cationic groups in the fiber. Suncid® dyes are not substantive to cellulosic fibers.Our Acid Dyes are free from all the prohibited Amines and Eco-Friendly.

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  • Napthol

    Sunthol® are insoluble azo dyes applied to cellulosic fibres by impregnation in a Naphthols solution and subsequent coupling with a colour salt. All cellulosic fibres such as cotton, linen, jute, hemp, as well as silk and rayon may be dyed or printed with Sunthols®.

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  • Fast Base

    The Fast Colour Bases are very widely used in Textile Industry. Dyeing with Naphthols ? Fast Bases are more economical even compared to Reactive Dyes. Maroon, Blue, Yellow obtained with these products are not possible with any other Dyestuff. The Fastness Property of these products is excellent.

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  • Fast Salt

    Fast Colour Salts are mainly used in combination with Naphthols for Dyes & Printing. As Fast Colour Salts are stabilized with metal, they are easily soluble in water. There is no need of using Sodium Nitrate, Hydro-Chloride Acid. So, in one way, they are ready to use in combination with the Naphthols. In this way, Fast Salts can be handled with much convenience and ease compared to the Fast Colour Bases.

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  • Pigment Dispersions

    Pigment Dispersions are basically fine dispersions of Pigment in aqueous, solvent or universal system. At VDCL, We have Pigment Dispersions in aqueous system. All our pigment Dispersions are azo free, formaldehyde free, Apeo free. They are also having a fine particle size suitable for very sensitive applications. Our Pigment Dispersions are as under.

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