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Reactive   Dyes

  • Reactive dyes are a class of highly coloured organic substances, primarily used for tinting textiles. Vipul Organics Ltd. offers a wide range of its series, which are suitable to various dyeing & printing of cellulose fibre. Keeping in our mind the valuable necessities of our clients, we manufacture the characterized and standardize range of dyes which are extreme in performance and perfect in resistance.


    • Textile
    • Ink
  • The Series that we offer is shown below:

    Hot Dyes

    These are named as 'HOT NAMED DYES'. These dyes are applied under strong alkaline conditions at high temperature of application compared to 'M' Dyes. These Dyes contains very good fastness properties to wash, perspiration, light etc. These dyes are suitable particularly for printing cotton, viscose.

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    These are called 'COLD BRAND DYES'. These dyes are having very good reactivity fastness properties. These dyes require milder alkaline conditions for applications & fixation at the optimum temperature of 25-35 deg c.

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    These dyes belong to the new class of SUNACTIVE Dyes, having high substantivity and superior exhaustion. HE dyes are recommended for dyeing of cellulosic material by batchwise method on jigger, winch or open vat etc, for obtaining brighter shades. He dyes are mainly suite for dyeing of mixed shade as they are less sensitive to variation in Liquor to goods ratio and concentration of electrolytes in the dye batch as compared to cold or hot brands. The main advantage of HE dyes is excellent built up, high fixation, good compatibility, consistency of color yield and excellent wet fastness properties.

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    We introduced a new range of bifunctional reactive 'ME' Series Dyes for our customers who are too conscious of energy consumption. In 'ME' Dyes one molecule is fused with two reactive group vinyl sulphone as well as monochlorotriazine.

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